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Commitment Sacrifice Teamwork Victory


2015 City Championship: Saturday 3:00pm

2015 City Championship: Saturday 3:00pm

Commitment. Sacrifice. Teamwork. Victory.

The 2015 Highlanders came together for indoor training in March.

In the very first training session there was something different. You could feel it. Over 25 guys came out on a Friday evening, on the warmest day in months… to do an indoor training session. As coaches, we weren’t sure what to expect for turn out, or what the guys would be willing to do in the first practice of the year.

Twenty minutes in, it was full on. Guys left the first session bleeding, bruised, and grinning from ear to ear.

The Commitment had been made.

Throughout the summer, players would leave the comfort of their homes to train on dusty, smoky fields. They would forgo the lake. Shorten camping trips. Stand in the rain. Leave the comfort of air conditioning, and push their bodies to the limit – and for several, beyond.

The sacrifice had been made.

It would pay off. In the regular season, the Highlanders went undefeated against all Regina teams. They would score more than 320 points, with 17 different players finding the try line. Scrums. Lineouts. Rucks. Mauls. Every aspect of the game came together. Forwards and Backs worked together to shut teams out, and worked together to come from behind and win.

Teamwork made for one of the most successful seasons the HRFC has had in more than a decade.

And so now there’s just one last thing to do. 3:00 Saturday, the Red and Black face the Campion Grads for the third and final time this summer. The HRFC lead the series 2-0, but this is the City Final, and anything can happen.

Commitment. Sacrifice. Teamwork. Victory.

The 2015 Highlanders are ready.

The team for the City Final includes:

Billy Howden, Blair Lynas, Brydan Carr, Callum Mills, Drew Carles, Gary Patience, Jamie Krienke, Jarek Roteliuk, Jayden Hansen, Jimmy Sinclair, Jon Clifford, Josh Howe, Justin Speek, Kevin Riddell, Kim Korchinski, Kris Davis, Kris Dreger, Levi Moore, Martin Sinden, Matt Cook, Mike Sache, Mischa Bosovich, Quaid Woytiuk, Steve Krause, Steve Seiferling, and Zane Arthur.

Injured members include Darryn Larkin-Terzo, Tim Kent, and Cole Pedric.

Unavailable due to travel abroad are Button Howden, Jr. High, and Highschool.

We’ll see you at Regina Rugby Park for the 3:00 Kick Off to decide the 2015 Regina Rugby Champions.

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