Regina Men’s Rugby

The Regina Men’s rugby season kicks off tonight with the Grads and the Highlanders taking to the field at 7:30.

The HRFC junior squad will be holding a quick post-season celebration and then sticking around to watch the game. The game promises to be an excellent rugby match as both teams have been preparing all week and both teams are still seeking their first win of the season.

Under head coach Peni Lutu, the Grads will be hoping the speed and passing of their team will help them continue their quest to repeat as Provincial Champions, while under the stern eye of head Coach Nathan Perkins,  the Highlanders have been focused on returning to the form that saw them go undefeated in regular season play last year. The HRFC suffered their only loss to the Grads in the City Championship –  and have been eager for another crack all winter.

The Highlanders will continue to rework their lineup this week, adjusting at critical positions as they test new players and try veteran players at new positions, trying to find that championship mix. Tonight marks the first run on for the Senior Team for Winston Knoll graduate, Jayden Hansen. Hansen will be lending his phenomenal speed to the wing in his opening game.

The turnouts have been FANTASTIC at training, leading to some very difficult decisions by the Coaches and Captains. The Highlanders have been regularly having 28-30 guys out to training, and this week will see several very talented veterans on the sideline.

With a long season ahead and the goal of a Provincial Championship, the Highlanders are very excited about the depth and talent of the bench.

The Starting Line-Up for the Highlanders vs. the Grads:

  1. Mischa Bosovich (Captain)
  2. Zane “Red” Clifford
  3. Jeff Smith
  4. Justin Kendrick
  5. Tim “Troll” Kent
  6. Matthew Davies
  7. Josh Howe
  8. Drew Carles
  9. Andrew “Button” Howden
  10. Cole Pedrick
  11. Jayden Hansen
  12. Kim Korchinski
  13. Callum Mills (Captain)
  14. Billy “Zipper” Howden
  15. Jazzy Singh

Jon Clifford
Steve “Scuba” Seiferling
Levi Moore
Kris Davis
Nathan Sgrazzutti
Joel Briere
Brydan Carr
Quaid Woytiuk
Jarek Roteliuk

Game time is 7:30, see you at the pitch!